IIOT World

IIoT World is the first global digital media outlet dedicated 100% to : Connected Industry,  Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0/Industrial Controls (ICS) cybersecurity.

However, Graphic design is not just learning the technology. It's more about clarity of vision. It's not art, its effective communication. 

IIoT World requested a new look for their website which is visited by thousands of viewers. The content is updated every week with new articles and blogs. Since the website will be managed non-designers and non-coders, Wordpress CRM was choose as the base.

A very simple solution was offered that required less coding and more automation and use of pre defined templates. 



SeKON is a CMMI Level 3 certified woman-owned small business, providing Federal health IT systems professional services advisory.

On their 22 year anniversary, they decided to re brand themselves and celebrate a new look. 



Bisbaaz, a home made hot sauce that goes with everything. A new product, in an old wide industry - to catch the consumer's eye, increase sales and grow the business, branding is the foundation.

Have a look at how we designed the packaging, branding, brand voice and brand assets to give Bisbaaz a story.




The new gifting experience.A solution of all-in-one rippable pre-wrapped gift box on the market — allowing you to wrap a great looking gift easily & quickly! Works for every season, every holiday, every market and every audience. 

For 2019 holiday collection, focusing on Christmas patterns, they requested a total collection of 10 gift wrapping for various occasions and markets.  



A futuristic company with a product that is build to solve the perfect problem of this new world Stress. A small hotel when you need it the most to recharge and recover.  Sleepbox were launching their lounge at the airport and required directional ads to be put up near and in the Airport.



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