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IIoT World

IIoT World is the first global digital media outlet dedicated 100% to : Connected Industry,  Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0/Industrial Controls (ICS) cybersecurity.

They envisioned a website with a good structure, that was easily navigable and required not much coding to update.

With Wordpress as the CRM platform, this website is build to provide pre designed templates that are easily updatable without any prior coding knowledge required. 

Art direction & Design - Dollcee Khattar

Client - Carollina K


On the Events Page, the number and the speaker information needs to be updated on a regular basis. The template ensures the correct spacing and flexibility to add/delete the number of speakers while keeping the aesthetics intact automatically. 

2 speaker.png
IIOT Footer-Dollcee Khattar.png
The Footer

A 5 column footer with access to blogs via clickable hashtags/categories. A user can click and visit the category to read ll the articles regarding the category. At the same time the footer also features the current updated blogs on the website. 

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